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Adult Class

Winter 2021: History of the Church in England

Join us in the study of “The History of the Church in England (from AD 63 – 1563),  from the Roman Occupation of Britain to the English Reformation,”  the topic of our Winter 2021 Adult Christian Education course. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the class will be shared via video. Class is in session now  — Consult the Study Guide, enjoy the videos, and do your homework!

“Coming Attraction” by Dick Hickman:  History of the Church in England

Study Guide:  Ecclesia Anglicana

England’s Alternate National Anthem:  Jerusalem

(The four videos below were originally on YouTube (left links) but, from now on, will be on Vimeo (right links).
Please let us know if you have trouble with the Vimeo videos.  Thank you. (D. Hickman; S. Pauls)

Session 1: Introduction and Overview Session 1:  (Vimeo)

Session 2: Three Stories: AD 63, 563, and 1066 Session 2:  (Vimeo)

Session 3The End of the Roman Empire Session 3:   (Vimeo)

Session 4: The Early Celtic or British Church Session 4:  (Vimeo)


 Upcoming Opportunities for Spiritual Growth (Winter/Spring 2021)

Anglican Identity (Lent)

Anglican Missions

CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters

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