Forest Hill & 43rd Street
Richmond, VA 23225

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Horizons of Mission

October 2021

Opportunities and Challenges

As we embrace our calling “To know Christ and make Him Known,” Fr. Terry led this three-part series to help our parishioners better understand our past, present and possible future in the community of south Richmond. If you were not able to attend, you can find below the slide shows and printed and video resources shared during the class.
Oct 3: The Power and Pitfalls of the Past: Slide Show
Oct 17:   Knowing Your Community: Slide Show
 New Facts on Episcopal Church Growth (handout)
Oct 24: Fresh Expressions: The Church in the PostModern World: Slide Show  
The Changing Face of Worship (video)

Questions we discussed include:
  • How do we respond to those outside the church who long to be loved and accepted, but whose trust has been violated?
  • How do we show that we care about them, not for our sake, to have more members, but out of sincere concern and interest?
  • How might we embrace our society’s interest in art and beauty, and see art as a way to convey not just beauty but truth?
  • How do we present the Gospel not as something to be proved, but rather experienced?
  • Do we care more about our traditions than our children?
  • How can we embrace the challenge presented in this community at this time? How do we build bridges with younger generations?
  • What new ways can we adopt to convey the unchanging message?