Forest Hill & 43rd Street
Richmond, VA 23225

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known


Interested in Mission Work? Try exploring!


We have a group dedicated to exploring diverse mission fields to find where God is at work and to join Him there.


The group meets every few months or as needed in order to help muster Good Shepherd resources towards God’s work. There are numerous initiatives in progress or in exploration phase and each initiative has one or more “champions” who lead the efforts.


At the present time the following people are “championing” specific efforts:


  • Val Bowman – Spreading God’s Word to the un-evangelized peoples of Turkey
  • Kathy Day and Alison Starr  – Outreach to the homeless, underprivileged and needy in Richmond
  • Chuck Coreth – Recovery Ministries


Additionally, small groups and guilds within Good Shepherd offer support to many ministries locally and globally.


Contact any one above or the Church office for information.