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Adult Christian Education

Why Sing and Pray the “Songs of Jesus” Today?: The Psalms – Sunday, April 28, 2019

Beginning on Sunday, April 28, the Adult class will begin a study of the songs of Jesus, otherwise known as the book of Psalms. The psalms were the songs that Jesus would have read, prayed and sung in his own day. Together they comprise the book of the Hebrew Bible most commonly quoted in the New Testament. On April 28, the class will begin its study by asking: “Why Should Christians Today Bother with These Ancient Songs?” On May 5 and May 12, we will discuss the quite different content of the 150 songs found in the book of Psalms, and in a final session on May 19 we will examine how the church could claim that one can find Christ in the Psalms when a particular group of psalms known as the “imprecatory psalms” or “psalms of vengeance” seems so contrary to “turn the other cheek” ethic that Jesus advocated. Throughout the course, the class will have an opportunity to sing hymns found in various Christian hymnals that were based on the various psalms we will be discussing. Joe Coalter

Our 2019 Lenten Study begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6. – Ross Wright

During the season of Lent, Christians throughout the world engage in acts of devotion in order to prepare for the celebration of our Lord’s passion and resurrection. This year at Good Shepherd, we are using materials prepared by Christianity Today called Journey to the Cross: A Devotional Guide for Individuals and Groups. During the six weeks of Lent, we will examine the devotion of Jesus as he made his way toward the cross. Each week, the sermon will feature one of the biblical scenes leading up to and including the passion. Study materials will be available for individual use and for group study.

March 6     Ash Wednesday Utter Devotion

Jesus is Anointed John 12:1-11

March 10   First Sunday in Lent  For All Nations

Palm Sunday and the Cleansing of the Temple        Matthew 21:1-14

March 17   Second Sunday in Lent Poured Out

The Last Supper    John 13:1-17

March 24   Third Sunday in Lent  My Will Be Lost in Thine

The Garden of Gethsemane     Matthew 26:36-45

March 31   Fourth Sunday in Lent They Failed Him

Jesus Is Betrayed and Abandoned      Mark 14:41-52

April 7       Fifth Sunday in Lent Confident Resolve

Jesus’ Arrest and Trial    John 18:1 – 19:6

April 14     Palm Sunday – TBA

April 19     Good Friday

The Preaching of the Cross      John 3:14-21

April 21     Easter Love That Will Not Let Go

The Resurrection            John 20:1-18

April 28     The Second Sunday of Easter Hope for the Journey

The Road to Emmaus                Luke 24:13-35

Our 2019 Lenten Adult Education Class will focus on church music and the hymns we sing.

Hymns are an integral part of our worship services and are used on other occasions as well. But how much do you know or even think about what we’re singing? David Boelzner, who was diverted for 30+ years into the law but started out as a composer and then musicologist, will lead an exploration beginning at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 10 for six sessions of how hymn singing came to be part of worship; the origins of hymns, historically and musically; the sources of many of our hymns, textual and musical; the interaction between words and music and its implications for worship; how hymns work to achieve their aesthetic effectiveness; and anything else Professor Boelzner happens to think of. Each session will include hymn singing.


Note: On those Sundays when this class meets, Adult Christian Education follows the Sunday morning worship service and the Parish Hall fellowship gathering. The class begins around 11:00 a.m.

Also Note: If you have young children, the nursery is open on Sundays from 9:15 – 12:00 for children up to pre-K.

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