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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

June 16, 2019: “Listen to the Wind” by Dick Hickman

Today’s Music: The Anthem today is “Listen to the Wind,” which represents my attempt, written in 2017, to express in song the miracle of Pentecost (which of course was last Sunday). It is based on Acts, Chapter 2, verses 1-21. The last verse of the song is a direct quotation from Pope John Paul II, on the occasion of his historic pilgrimage to Poland in June, 1979. At an outdoor mass on Pentecost for hundreds of thousands of believers in Krakow, 40 rears ago, he inspired the Polish people and the world when he declared: “Let your spirit descend and renew the face of the earth, the face of this land!” His words were a turning point in the fall of the Soviet Empire, marking the renewal of the faith in Poland and the beginning of the triumph of the spirit over communism.  Dick Hickman