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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

June 23, 2019: “Meditations on St. Keverne” by David Boelzner

Today’s Music: The offertory is one of (currently) three pieces that I call “meditations” on favorite hymn tunes, this one on Craig Sellar Lang’s tune St. Keverne, which we sing to “From glory to glory” (Hymn 326). The tune, its rhythm slightly changed, appears three times, each one in a different setting. The first begins chant-like, with “hollow” open fifths in the harmony, then moves to a delicate passage in the high register, resolving with a marching bass line. The second iteration is contrapuntal (one melody line moving against another). The third repetition begins with the thinnest of textures but builds to a climax to end the piece. David Boelzner