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June 30, 2019: “Andantino in the style of Martini” by Fritz Kreisler

Today’s Music: The offertory, played by Randy Allen and Mark Koontz, is Fritz Kreisler’s Andantino in the style of Martini. Kreisler was a renowned Austrian virtuoso violinist and composer in the early 20th century. He wrote several pieces ostensibly in the style of Baroque composers such as Martini, which were for a time mistakenly attributed to those earlier composers before Kreisler owned up to having written them. Martini was a well-known violinist and teacher in the 18th century, whose students included the young Mozart. Any confusion about Kreisler’s piece is a little hard to understand, because the piece is not really in a Baroque style but instead is a Romantic era vehicle for Kreisler’s famous lyrical melody. David Boelzner