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Covid-19 Update

New Covid protocols for worship

Saturday, September 18, 2021
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
In light of the increased transmissibility of the Covid virus, and in light of the fact that we have had three members test positive for the virus in the past three weeks, the vestry and I have decided to increase our mitigation strategies for worship. For the next two weeks at least, we will be observing the following protocols:
  • We continue to meet in person
  • We “strongly encourage” our members to wear masks regardless of vaccination status
  • We reinstitute the blue tape to encourage social distancing
  • We encourage members to share the peace at a distance
  • We limit singing to two verses of the hymns.
  • We hold off on having a choir
  • We forgo coffee hour refreshments or have them outside
  • Beginning with Sunday, September 26, we will record/livestream the service from the sanctuary
Many of these protocols are ones that we have had in the past, just last spring, so we all  should be familiar with them. We hope that they will serve to better protect our members as well as many others who in the most vulnerable category.
Let us continue to pray for the victims of the virus and those who have been dedicated to treating them!
Yours in Christ,