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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

New Covid-19 Protocols
& Communion Instructions

Sunday Worship 

Thursday, April 21, 2022
In light of new directives from Bp. Haynes, we are now administering Holy Communion in ‘both kinds,’ bread and wine. Communicants will be offered both the bread/wafer and wine from the common chalice, according to the following directions.
  • Those feeling ill or who have a fever should not attend (as before)
  • Masks are recommended but not required.
  • In administering the bread, I will present a piece of flat bread (pita) torn from a single loaf. If you wish to receive the pressed wafer instead, please indicate so to him.
  • No one must receive from the common chalice. The church has long recognized that communion of ‘one kind’ (bread) is sufficient.
  • Intinction (dipping of the bread/wafer in the wine) will not be permitted for hygienic reasons
  • If you do not wish to receive from the chalice, please cross your arms across your chest when the Lay Eucharistic Minister is before you at the rail