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Richmond, VA 23225

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known


In addition to the talents of our own members, our church has enjoyed the musical gifts of those outside our parish.  When schedules and resources allow, Good Shepherd invites professional and semi-professional musicians to play at services and special events, resulting in the opportunity for our congregation to hear music performed of the highest caliber.  Many of our guests are members of professional orchestras and area chamber groups and/or hold teaching positions in college and university music departments throughout the Commonwealth.

A partial list of our esteemed recent invitees includes:

  • Karine Marshall, soprano
  • Pete Pettit, trombone
  • Lisa Edwards-Burrs, soprano
  • Sonya Chung, violin
  • Matthew Harvell, bassoon
  • Heather Bordley Harvell, soprano
  • Treesa Gold, violin
  • Francoise Moquin, violin
  • Dr. Roland Karnatz, clarine
  • James Weaver, baritone
  • Joanne Kong, piano
  • The Atlantic Chamber Ensemble
  • Brian Jones, drums/percussion
  • Bob Hallahan, piano
  • John Winn, saxophone
  • Josh Bearman, multi-instrumentalist
  • Members of No BS Brass Band