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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Nov. 10, 2019: “Remembrance” by David Boelzner

A special note: Today’s prelude and anthem are dedicated to those who served.

A note about the Offertory music: I entitled the offertory piece for alto saxophone and piano “Remembrance,” not for any specific recollection but because of its general mood; so it certainly fits for¬†remembrance of veterans. But in writing it, my first composition for sax, I was reminded of a long-ago revelation: I had always thought of the sax as a jazz instrument, associated with those wailing solos a la Coltrane, but I heard a student at North Texas play the instrument so sweetly that I found a new appreciation for it as a lyrical instrument. Warren plays it that way, which is what motivated me to write the piece the way I did. ¬†– D.Boelzner