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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Oct. 28, 2018: Léon Boëllmann

Today’s Music: The prelude comprises two short pieces by Léon Boëllmann, a French composer and organist of Alsatian origin – hence the German-looking surname. Boëllmann studied at the Ecole Niedermayer, a school for church musicians in Paris, which also produced Gabriel Fauré. (The leader of this school, Niedermayer, composed an opera about Alessandro Stradella, whom sharp-eyed devotees of the music note may recall was the rake and composer of the aria Ross performed a couple of weeks ago.) Boëllmann died at only age 35 in 1897, most likely of tuberculosis (which also claimed Chopin among others).  The first piece is Chant du matin (Song of the morning) followed by Entrée solenelle (Solemn procession). David Boelzner