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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Join the Choir

You should join the choir. It really is the answer.

If you don’t have time, if your life is too hectic and busy, choir will teach you how to breathe deeply and focus your heart and mind like nothing else will. Choir will give you time you didn’t know you had. Choir will show you how to keep time. You don’t have to wait until next year; the choir director will let you join now.

Even if you don’t know how to sing, your choir needs your voice. Your fellow choristers will teach you to sing, and they’ll sing with you. They will keep singing with you until you belong and when you feel like you belong, then you will know how to sing. And from that moment on you will always know how to sing and you won’t remember what it was like to not sing. You’ll be scared at first, but later you won’t. You’ll start to love to sing, and then you won’t be afraid to sing.

In choir you will get to know a community unlike any other. You will make friends with a wonderfully weird mix of people you would not otherwise associate with. They will love you fiercely, even though they think you are weird and they would not otherwise associate with you (because you’re so weird). They will laugh with you like you’ve never laughed before. They will cry with you and comfort you when you are sad. You will never be lonely in choir. You will create a wonderful community. You will build the Kingdom of God if you join the choir.

Choir will renew your heart and mind like nothing else will; it will transform your heart and mind. Choir will teach you things about yourself you didn’t know. In choir, you will be and become a new person.

Singing in the choir will help you to express thoughts and feelings you didn’t know how to express; it will help you express things you’ve never thought or felt. You will see and understand the world differently because of choir. (I would tell you what these things are, except you can only find out about them in choir).

When you sing in choir, you will hear things you’ve never heard before, things you won’t hear anywhere else. Choir will teach you to listen. It will put you in tune with yourself and the world around you like nothing else will.

Choir will renew your faith. In God. In other people. In yourself. It will heal your hurts. It will help you to love and serve God and others even when your heart is broken. When all seems fearful and hopeless and wrong, and some courageous soul starts to sing, you will know to join in. And you will find such joy and harmony.

You should join choir. Seriously.

–Fr. Rob Leacock, 2017