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Celtic Services

During the month of August – beginning on Sunday morning, August 7, at 9:30 a.m. – The Church of the Good Shepherd will be hosting a series of four Celtic services. Our Rector, Terry Miller, and music and choir director, Andy Shelden, have been exploring the history and traditions of the Celtic church to develop an authentic liturgy representative of what the early church services in Ireland would have been like in the tenth century.
Good Shepherd extends a special welcome to neighbors, friends, families, and students to join us for these unique services in August!

Below are two links to music videos created by Andy.
The first vimeo presentation is “An Old Irish Blessing” – the choir will be singing this on 7/31 to introduce it to the congregation, and we will be singing it as a sort of Dismissal response (congregationally) at the conclusion of each of our August Celtic-themed services.   https://vimeo.com/722718221
The second is a reflective/meditative Celtic music, “The Rowan Tree” and “Bonny Wood Green,” and features Andy playing tin whistles and keyboards. https://vimeo.com/729011720

And from Dick Hickman’s on-line course, History of the Church in England, here is a link to his second lecture, which covers the founding of the Celtic church. Lecture 2