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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

The Season of Epiphany

The 1st Sunday after Epiphany: “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist” or “The old year now hath passed away” and “In dir ist Freude” or “In Thee Is Gladness”
The 2nd Sunday after Epiphany: Hymn 707 “Take my life, and let it be” and Chorale Prelude on “Hollingside” by Alec Rowley
The 3rd Sunday after Epiphany: “Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove” and “Contemplation on Hawkhurst” by Alec Rowley
The 4th Sunday after Epiphany: Chorale Prelude on “Saint Bride” by Alec Rowley and “Give to the Winds Thy Fears”
The 5th Sunday after Epiphany: “Will You Come and Follow Me” and “Variations on Kelvingrove” by  Thomas Valentine
The Last Sunday after Epiphany: “O Wondrous Type, O Vision Fair” and “Chorale Prelude on Wareham” by Healey Willan