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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known


July 10, 2022: 5th Sunday after Pentecost, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jun 26, 2022: 3rd Sunday after Pentecost, “I want to be your love slave,”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jun 19, 2022: 2nd Sunday after Pentecost & Confirmation Sunday, “Sermon if available” — Rt. Rev. Susan Haynes, Bishop of the Diocese of Southern Virginia  Print
Jun 12, 2022: Trinity Sunday, “Paradoxology” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jun 5, 2022: Pentecost Sunday, “The Language of God” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
May 29, 2022: 7th Sunday of Easter, Last Words, “Amen. Come Lord Jesus”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
May 22, 2022: 6th Sunday of Easter, Revelation 21, “The New Jerusalem” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
May 15, 2022: 5th Sunday of Easter  —  Rev. Ross Wright, guest celebrant & former rector of GSEC  Print, (if available)
May 8, 2022: 4th Sunday of Easter, Revelation 7 and Acts 11, ” The Church should look like that”  —  Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
May 1, 2022: 3rd Sunday of Easter, Revelation 4:1-8, 5:6, 11-14, “What’s on your throne?” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Apr. 24, 2022: 2nd Sunday of Easter, Revelation 1:1-8 — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Apr. 17, 2022: Easter Sunday, John 20:1-18 — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Apr. 15, 2022: Good Friday, “Father, Forgive Them,” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Apr. 14, 2022: Maundy Thursday, “Washing the Disciples’ Feet” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Apr. 10, 2022: Palm Sunday, “Palm Sunday: Luke 19”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Apr. 3, 2022: 5th Sunday of Lent, “The Fragrance of Grace”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Mar. 27, 2022: 4th Sunday of Lent, “The Parable of the Loving Father”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Mar. 20, 2022: 3rd Sunday of Lent, Exodus 3:1-15: “What’s in a Name?,” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Mar. 13, 2022: 2nd Sunday of Lent, (sermon not available) — Guest celebrant and preacher, the Rev. Chuck Alley, retired rector of St. Matthew’s, Richmond
Mar. 6, 2022: 1st Sunday of Lent, “How (not) to be the Son of God”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Mar. 2, 2022: Ash Wednesday, “Free to Sin”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Feb. 27, 2022: Last Sunday after Epiphany, “The Transfiguration”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Feb. 20, 2022: 7th Sunday after Epiphany, “What World are you living in?”  — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Feb. 13, 2022: 6th Sunday after Epiphany, “The Beatitudes,” Luke 6:17-26 — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Feb. 6, 2022: 5th Sunday after Epiphany, “Fishing,” Luke 5:1-11 — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jan. 30, 2022: 4th Sunday after Epiphany, “Luke 4:16-30” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print
Jan. 23, 2022: 3rd Sunday after Epiphany, “Annual Report 2022, Nehemiah 8:1-10; ” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print,  22-1-23_Bulletin
Jan. 16, 2022: 2nd Sunday after Epiphany, “The Wedding at Cana,” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jan. 9, 2022: 1st Sunday after Epiphany, “Baptism of our Lord,” — Fr. Terry Miller  Print 
Jan. 2, 2022: 2nd Sunday after Christmas Day — “The Boy Jesus at the Temple,” Guest Preacher, The Rev. Fred Huntington
Dec. 26, 2021: 1st Sunday after Christmas Day “God come near to us,” Fr. Terry Miller  Print, Zoom  
Dec. 24, 2021: Christmas Eve “The Gift that keeps on Giving,” Fr. Terry Miller Print, Zoom
+++++ Christmastide 2021 at GSEC
Dec. 19, 2021: 4th Sunday of Advent — Our Youth and Friends Christmas Pageant with Holy Communion (This special service was Zoomed live only.)
Dec. 12, 2021: 3rd Sunday of Advent  “An Unwelcome Christmas Guest,” Fr. Terry Miller  Print;  Zoom 
Dec. 5, 2021: 2nd Sunday of Advent  “A Voice in the Wilderness.” Fr. Terry Miller  Print;  Zoom (password required) 
Nov. 28, 2021: 1st Sunday of Advent  “We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future.” Fr. Terry Miller  Print;  Zoom 
Nov. 21, 2021: Christ the King Sunday  ” Citizens of heaven and earth,” Fr. Terry Miller Print;  Zoom   
Nov. 14, 2021: 25th Sunday after Pentecost Homily on Hebrews 10:11-25: “The Real Thing,  Bill Ernst Print; Zoom 
Nov. 7, 2021: All Saints Sunday — “Ancestry.com and Other Addictions,”  Fr. Terry Miller Print;  Zoom
Oct. 31, 2021: 23nd Sunday after Pentecost “Teaching Zombies to Dance,”  Fr. Terry Miller Print; Service Zoom  (passcode required)
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