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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known


Weddings at Good Shepherd are conducted for church members and those who intend to affiliate actively with this congregation or, if they live out of town, with another Christian congregation. At least one of the parties must be baptized. At least thirty and preferably sixty days’ notice shall be given to the Rector of their intention to marry. The couple will meet with the Rector for instruction in “the nature, meaning, and purpose of Holy Matrimony” as understood in the Episcopal Church and to plan the ceremony. Normally, this preparation takes place in three meetings (in addition to the initial interview). In certain cases, the Rector may arrange for this instruction to be done by another Christian minister.
Holy Matrimony is a sacramental act and properly conducted in a space consecrated for Christian worship rather than outside or in other unconsecrated venues. All weddings at Good Shepherd will be conducted by the Rector or by another Christian minister at the Rector’s invitation. The Rector may invite another Christian minister to assist in the service.
All weddings at Good Shepherd will conform to the marriage ceremony in The Book of Common Prayer (a copy of the service is available). Readings will be chosen from the appointed texts (Book of Common Prayer, p. 426) or other biblical passages authorized by the Rector. Music will accompanied by the Director of Music, and will be selected from the Episcopal Hymnal and other sources approved by the Director of Music. Flowers and other church adornments will conform to the guidelines set by the Altar Guild (see Weddings at Good Shepherd). Because the Celebration of Holy Matrimony is a sacramental act, photography and videotaping are permitted only before and after the ceremony (this includes cell phones).
If you would like to be married at Good Shepherd, please call (804-233-2278) or email (info@goodshepherdrichmond.org) the Communications Director to request an interview with the Rector. In no case will weddings be scheduled on the phone or with the Communications Director. Both the bride the groom must be present for the interview.