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To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Adult Class

April – May 2021: Anglican Identity

Anglican Identity is a six-part series intended to deepen participants’ understanding of our tradition of faith and practice — Anglicanism. The class will also serve as the preparation necessary for Confirmation and Receipt into the Episcopal Church.  Please click on the link above for more information and to access this series on Vimeo.

Lent 2021: Weekly Devotionals

Fr. Terry is presenting a series of weekly on-line ‘art devotionals’ for Lent. Understanding how art can enable us to see God in new and different ways and at the same time foster the habit of contemplation, these devotionals are intended to help you to look inward by contemplating the matters of faith through the lens of art. It is the aim and hope that these devotionals will serve to aid you in growing closer to God as we journey towards Holy Week. Please click on the link above to access this series.

Winter 2021: History of the Church in England

Join your host, Dick Hickman, in the study of “The History of the Church in England (from AD 63 – 1563) —  from the Roman Occupation of Britain to the English Reformation.”  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the course is being shared via video.  Please click on the link above to access the course.

 Upcoming Opportunities for Spiritual Growth in 2021
Anglican Missions
CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters

A Sampler of Previous Classes