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New Music

2nd Sunday after Pentecost:

Trinity Sunday: “Trinity Song,” from God’s Highway by Sandra McCracken feat. All Sons & Daughters. (Youtube, Spotify)

Trinity Sunday: Doxology” | Text: From Canticle 12, “A Song of Creation,” in the Book of Common Prayer | Music by Uptown Worship Band, performed on Songs from Earth, Our Island Home (2014) (Spotify, Youtube)

Trinity Sunday: SONG: “Om Bhagwan” | Song from the Saccidananda Ashram songbook, composer unknown | Arranged by Chris Hale and Miranda Stone | Performed by Yeshu Satsang Toronto, on Bhakti Geet, vol. 4 (2019)(Youtube, Spotify)This Trinitarian song in Hindi comes from a Benedictine monastery in Tamil Nadu. It is performed here by married couple Chris Hale (who grew up in Nepal and India) and Miranda Stone and others from Yeshu Satsang Toronto, a community whose expression of Yeshu Bhakti (Jesus devotion) is “distinctly urban and Canadian, yet informed by the simplicity of the village, honouring what is handmade, humble, and real . . . , navigating . . . between what is traditional and what is progressive.”

Pentecost: Come, Holy Ghost,” arranged and performed by Nichlas Schaal and friends: The ninth-century Latin invocation “Veni Creator Spiritus,” attributed to Rabanus Maurus, has been translated into English more than fifty times since the English Reformation, under such titles as “Come, Holy Ghost, our souls inspire” and “Creator Spirit, by whose aid.” Originally seven verses sung in Gregorian chant, the hymn is usually condensed to four verses in modern hymnals and paired with one of three tunes. This super-fun arrangement by the Schaals, so full of joy (and “la-da-da-das”!), uses a nineteenth-century translation by Edward Caswell and tune by Louis Lambillotte. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all week as I’ve been gearing up for Pentecost. (Youtube)

Pentecost: “Abbeville” (Come, Holy Spirit, Come) | Words by Benjamin Beddome (published posthumously in 1818) | American folk tune from The Sacred Harp, arr. Elisha J. King (1844) | Performed by Marsha Genensky of Anonymous 4 (Youtube, Spotify). Anonymous 4’s a cappella version of “Abbeville” is hauntingly beautiful, but another nice version is the Wilder Adkins–Gabrielle Jones duet with acoustic guitar accompaniment (Spotify).

Pentecost: “Holy Spirit, Living Breath of God” | Words by Keith Getty and Stuart Townend. Performed by Keith and Kristen Getty with Gabriel’s Oboe. “Holy Spirit” is the final hymn Getty and Townend wrote as part of the ‘Apostle’s Creed’ album they created in 2005. Intended to function as a sung prayer about the Holy Spirit’s renewing power the hymn is divided into three verses. The first expresses a prayer for inward change, asking the Holy Spirit to transform us from the core of our being. Verse two petitions the Spirit to abide in us so we’re able to bountifully bear His fruit, such as the kindness and gentleness described so beautifully in Galatians 5:22-23. Closing this verse is a prayer “to show Christ in all I do.” Verse three is a more expansive prayer for the church. Throughout the New Testament, Getty and Townsend note, evidence of the Holy Spirit’s power in someone’s life was marked by two characteristics — Christ is magnified, and the individual is led on a path of sacrifice. Only through experiencing sacrifice are we unified as the body of Christ. Only through reaching the end of ourselves can we achieve a vibrant Christian witness that everyone on the outside can see as different.” (Youtube, Spotify)

Hymns for the Ascension: Cardiphonia – Cardiophonia website, Spotify
In celebration of this Feast Day, Cardiophonia has produced a whole album devoted to the Ascension. Check out the whole songlist or listen to just #8, 9, 14 (website) or #6, 9, & 19 (Spotify).

“By our love:” For King and Country – Youtube, Spotify

“In Christ Alone:” Keith Getty, Stuart Townsend – Youtube, Spotify

The Lord is My Shepherd:” Keith & Kristyn Getty – Getty Music, Youtube

The Lord is My Shepherd:” Paul Zach – Youtube, Spotify

Good Shepherd of My Soul:” Keith & Kristyn Getty – Getty Music, Youtube

“Christ is risen, he is risen indeed:” Keith and Kristyn Getty, Ed Cash – YoutubeSpotify 

“The Hand Song:”  Nickel Creek – YoutubeSpotify 

“Help My Unbelief:”- lyrics by John Newton (1725-1807), author of “Amazing Grace,”
and set to a new tune by Clint Wells, 2005 Red Mountain Music – Spotify

“My hope rests firm:” Richard Creighton, Keith Getty – Youtube

“Christ is Risen:”  Matt Maher – Youtube

“Come, People of the Risen King:” Keith and Krystin Getty – Youtube 

Christmas Playlist  – Spotify

Advent Playlists Spotify, Youtube