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What to Expect


For the first-time Sunday morning visitor, our worship services can be exhilarating … or confusing. Services often involve standing, sitting, kneeling, sung or spoken responses, all of which may provide a challenge for the first-time visitor.


In general, our worship:

  • Centers on an encounter with Jesus, known in Scripture, Sacrament and the Spirit of fellowship we share with one another

  • Follows the order of service in The Book of Common Prayer

  • Involves the whole congregation, not just the worship leaders

  • Employs a variety of music styles, from traditional hymns to contemporary praise songs, from classical pieces to bluegrass

  • Balances “Word” and “Sacrament,” including a sermon and Holy Communion

  • Welcomes all baptized Christians — no matter their age or denomination — to participate in communion.


For more information about what we do on Sundays, check out this “Annotated Order of Service,”  which explains the reason for the various parts of the Sunday communion service. We also have a weekly Morning Prayer service at 8:30am on Tuesdays.

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