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Christian Formation


Women's Bible Study

Thursdays, 10-11:30 am at Hathaway Tower

After a brief hiatus, the Women's Bible Study has resumed its study of the book of Daniel. New participants are always warmly welcomed. No previous study required.
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Men's Bible Study

Fridays, 7:30am 

 The Men’s Bible Study meets at Chuck's house each Friday, except for the first Friday of the month, when the Group meets at Eat 66, located in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center on Forest Hill Ave. at Hathaway Rd.

Recent Classes

The Body Tells God's Story
Class Topics: The Theological Body, The Created Body, Spousal Bodies, The Broken Body, The Liturgy Body
CS Lewis' The Great Divorce
CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters   
The Alpha Course

Horizons of Mission

Anglican Identity (video recordings) 
History of the Church in England
  (video recordings)
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