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Christian Formation


Benedict's Way: Seeking Balance in an Unbalanced World

Tuesdays, 6-8pm, Parish Hall

In the bustle and busyness to modern life, many of us long for a greater sense of peace in our lives. Yet, if we are honest, what we really want is not peace, but balance. In his monastic Rule, the 5th century saint, Benedict of Nursia, offers monks and non-monks alike a path to greater balance, even as they seek a fuller sense of God. Though written nearly 1,500 years ago, the Rule of St. Benedict--"Benedict's Way"--continues to guide and nurture men and women--both inside and outside monasteries—who seek to live a Christ-centered life in a balance of work, study, and prayer.

During the season of Lent, Fr Terry will be leading a 5-week class aimed at exploring Benedict's Way as a tool to help Christians today to live together and grow in grace. This course will take place on Tuesday nights, beginning February 20. We will begin by gathering for a communal meal of soup or stew at 6pm, before launching into the presentation at 630pm. Join us as we explore this spiritually rich, yet very down to earth guide to living a balanced Christian life.

   Feb 20 --  What Benedict has to Teach Us
   Feb 27   -- Holy Rhythm: Prayer, Study, and Work
   Mar 5 -- Vows: Stability, Conversion, Obedience
   Mar 12 -- Lectio Divina
   Mar 19 -- Developing a Rule of Life

After Action: Sermon Discussion

Sundays, 11:15-12pm, Choir Room

Each Sunday we host a discussion on the Sunday's sermon.  Hardcopies of the sermon will be provided.

But We've Always Done It That Way

Sundays, 11:15-12pm, Choir Room

Once a month, Fr. Terry leads a "priest's forum" which explores the things we do in church, the history behind them and how they continue to shape and form us as followers of Christ. 

Women's Bible Study

Thursdays, 10-11:30 am at Hathaway Tower

After a brief hiatus, the Women's Bible Study has resumed its study of the book of Daniel. New participants are always warmly welcomed. No previous study required. The study group is reading "Who is Jesus? The Difference a Lens Makes" by  Judy Yates Siker. 
women's bible study.jpg

Men's Bible Study

Fridays, 7:30am 

 The Men’s Bible Study meets at Chuck's house each Friday, except for the first Friday of the month, when the Group meets at Eat 66, located in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center on Forest Hill Ave. at Hathaway Rd.

Recent Classes

The Grace of Les Misérables
Class TopicsGrace and Valjean, Justice and Javert, Poverty and Revolution
The Body Tells God's Story
Class Topics: The Theological Body, The Created Body, Spousal Bodies, The Broken Body, The Liturgy Body
CS Lewis' The Great Divorce
CS Lewis' The Screwtape Letters   
The Alpha Course

Horizons of Mission
Anglican Identity (video recordings) 
History of the Church in England
  (video recordings)
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