Forest Hill & 43rd Street
Richmond, VA 23225

To Know Christ and to Make Him Known

Covid-19 Restrictions

As of 3/9/2021 – present: Important Announcement  –  Regathering allowed for our Diocese

From 12/09/2020 – 3/8/2021:  No Regathering in our Diocese

From 7/-/2020 – 12/8/2021: Regathering allowed for GSEC

“Regathering” Sunday Services during Covid-19: With the consent of the Bishop, we have been holding in-person, indoor worship since July of 2020. During this period, we have been committed to mitigating the risk of transmission of COVID-19 by observing the following precautions: Social distancing and the wearing of face mask requirements are in place. Ushers will help with seating and we will have masks for any of you who forget to bring your own. If you use the disposable masks they should be taken home for disposal. Do not leave them in the Church.

  • As the Prayer Books and Bibles have been removed from the pews, participants are provided the Order of Service in the bulletin handout. Participants are welcome to bring their own Prayer Book or Bible.
  • Music is performed instrumentally or through pre-recorded media. There will be no choir and no singing.
  • Participants are asked to enter the Church at the 43rd Street (side) entrance, and to exit through the front (main) doors, except for those unable to manage the front steps.
  • Hand sanitizing materials are available at each door.
  • In place of handshakes and hugs, participants are encourage to greet (“pass the peace”) using words, making the peace sign or through other non-contact communication.
  • Plate donations may be made at stations available at each door upon entering the Church.


During Communion, ushers will direct participants by pew to come forward to receive an individual glass cup holding a consecrated wafer, which can be consumed upon returning to their pew. Communion cups can be returned for washing by placing them in the basket located in the foyer at the entrance to the church.

Note: During all church activities within church spaces, social distancing and the wearing of face mask requirements are in place.