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Blue Grass Band

BG_Sunday_8_23_15BGsing_Sun_8_23_15Sunday morning, August 23, 2015, was “Blue Grass” Sunday, as you could tell from the deployment of banjos, guitars, mandolins, and the presence of Mr. Tambourine Man, Stuart Fulcher. This was fun music, more lighthearted than most of our usual fare, and the lyrics expressed a direct and simple relationship with God.  “Simple” does not mean “easy” – that picking on mandolin and banjo is far from easy and, as Ross preached last week, while Jesus’ burden is light, it is not always easy. But the other thing conveyed so well by this music is the unqualified joy of undertaking that burden when one accepts the grace that goes with it. Faith can be manifest in the simple and direct as well as the aesthetically profound. So, enjoy the fun spirit of these varied expressions of belief. David Boelzner


BlueGrass2014On Sunday morning, August 24, 2014, we continued Good Shepherd’s annual late-summer tradition of Bluegrass with several bluegrass and gospel songs, including new arrangements by Rick Curtis of “What a Day That Will Be” combined with “Swing Low Sweet Chariot,” as the prelude and “All Day Long” combined with “When the Saints Go Marching In,” as the postlude. The offertory, “To Be Redeemed,” was written by Jane Bowers and recorded in 1963 by the Kingston Trio. The service music included Dick Hickman’s arrangements of the Gloria, the Doxology, the Sanctus and the Fraction Anthem; he based the Sanctus on Pete Seeger’s song, ” the Bells of Rhymney,” and Psalm 124 on Bob Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.” The gospel hymn, “The Rising Dawn,” was Dick’s musical adaptation of Job 38:12, inspired by his friends Roland and Linda Beard of Christworks Ministries in Crozet, Virginia. The music for this service included elements of folk, folk-rock, country, bluegrass, and gospel styles, and was intended “to make a joyful noise unto the Lord.”